Stiff Records
official site. Well worth a visit.

My artwork site is filled with stuff I've done for Stiff and others.

Be Stiff is the most complete Stiff site I know. A lot of reading. Great work, Tony!

The Wreckless Eric Page is another great site.

Nick Lowe Official Site is very, very nice. Clean and easy navigated.

Devo Obsesso gives you everything about Devo. This is a true collector!

Mickey Jupp official website is new and great! Keep up the good work, Lasse!

Will Birch has his really good site here.

Ian Gomm is running his own website. Great site by a great guy!

Jona Lewie has his own site nowadays. I love Jona.

Stiff Stuff is nice Dutch Stiff site run by Rinus. Well done!


Squeezing Out Sparks is Graham Parker's official (and very cool) website.

The Damned Discography is a Damned good site!

Madsounds is a great site for everything Madness. Good discography!

Jakko have a nice site and a very well-written blog.

Any Trouble have their own site as well. Recommended.

Nigel Dick once the »press guy« at Stiff. Today a great video producer and artist.

Mick Farren runs an interesting blog here. Lots of good reading and cool stuff.

Nick Lowe Discography haven't been updated in a while, still nice though.

FreeWorld is a fantastic page about Kirsty MacColl's complete works. Great!

Mickey Jupp has got his own webpage. Jupp, Jupp and away you go!

Joe »King« Carrasco has his own web site here. Interesting stuff indeed.

Sean Tyla has his official web site here. Cool and very nicely done. Go visit!

The Pogues and Shane McGowans complete discography. Great, Juergen!

Larry Wallis and everything about his different bands is found here. Good site.

Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin have a great site. Check the »Vinyl Archive«.

Justice for Kirsty Support this site, that wants Kirsty's killer brought to justice.

Stiff Man Syndrome is a site about the dangers of collecting Stiff Records. Not :-)

Dr Feelgood and Wilko Johnson! Find great discographys here. Fantastic work!

Do It Yourself is a gallery with wallpaper variations on Ian Dury's album.

is a cool site for all of us vinyl lovers. Nice Falk!

Vinyl Vidi Vici is a fantastic site. A discography of ALL French pressings.

Dutch Punk is a fantastic site. A discography of ALL Dutch pressings.

2-Tone Records has excellent info on everything 2-tone. Good work!

Håkans Pop is a great Swedish blog, devoted to good music taste. Excellent!

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