First, the regular albums. The ones named Seez.
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Seez 1 The Damned
»Damned Damned Damned«

Released 18 February 1977

Produced by Nick Lowe.

Crowned »The first punk album ever«.

Seez 2 Various Artists
»A Bunch Of Stiff Artists«

Released 1977

Produced by everybody.

A brilliant collection! Raw takes, low budget and »I Love My Label« by Nick Lowe.

Seez 3 Elvis Costello
»My Aim Is True«

Released 22 July 1977

Produced by Nick Lowe.

Crowned »3rd best debut album ever« by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Seez 4 Ian Dury
»New Boots And Panties«

Released 30 September1977

Produced by Jenner, Latham & Walton.

Another absolutely fantastic debut album!

Seez 5 The Damned
»Music For Pleasure«

Released 18 November1977

Produced by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd).

Well... The sleeve design by Barney Bubbles is great. The album isn't.

Seez 6 Wreckless Eric
»Wreckless Eric«

Released 1 June 1978

Produced by Larry Wallis, except »Whole Wide World« produced by Nick Lowe.

Another brilliant debut album!
Also released as a 10" shit-coloured vinyl.

Seez 7 Lene Lovich

Released 6 October 1978

Produced by The Stateless.

Also released on red vinyl and picture disc.

Seez 8 Jona Lewie
»On The Other Hand There's A Fist«

Released 6 October 1978

Produced by Jona Lewie.

Also released on yellow vinyl and picture disc.

Seez 9 Wreckless Eric
»The Wonderful World Of...«

Released 6 October 1978

Produced by Pete Solley.

Also released on green vinyl and picture disc.

Seez 10 Mickey Jupp

Released 6 October 1978

Produced by Nick Lowe (side 1) and Gary Brooker (Procul Harum) side 2.

Also released on blue vinyl and picture disc.

Seez 11 Jane Aire And The Belvederes

Not recorded or released. The sleeve to the left is the album released on Virgin (V2134) which features most, if not all, the songs that would have been on the Stiff album. I do think the cover art would have been better on Stiff though...

Seez 12 Rachel Sweet
»Fool Around«

Released 6 October 1978

Produced by Liam Sternberg.

Also released on white vinyl and picture disc.

Seez 13 The Rumour
»Frogs, Sprouts, Clogs And Krauts«

Released March 1979

Produced by The Rumour & Roger Bechirian.

Seez 14 Ian Dury & The Blockheads
»Do It Yourself«

Released 18 May 1979

Musical direction by Chas Jankel.

So far I've found 31 sleeve variations...

Seez 15 The Sports - Don't Throw Stones

Not recorded or released. The sleeve to the left is the album released on Sire (SRUK 6001) which includes the songs from that era. Including two titles from the EP Last 5 on Stiff.

Seez 16 Lew Lewis Reformer
»Save The Wail«

Released 1979

Produced by Paul Bass.

Seez 17 Madness
»One Step Beyond«

Released 26 October 1979

Produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.

Seez 18 Rachel Sweet
»Protect The Innocent«

Released 16 February 1980

Produced by Martin Rushent and Alan Winstanley.

Seez 19 Lene Lovich

Released 19 January 1980

Produced by Lovich, Chapell, Bechirian and Winstanley

Front photo taken inside a stainless steel fermentation tank at a Guinness brewery!

Seez 20 The Feelies
»Crazy Rhythms«

Released 1980

Produced by Mercer, Million & Abel

Seez 21 Wreckless Eric
»Big Smash!«

Released 1980

Produced by Alan Winstanley, Bazza, Ian Dury, Larry Wallis, Nick Garvey, Nick Lowe, Pete Solley, Shane O'Fancy and Wreckless Eric

Seez 22 Dirty Looks
»Dirty Looks«

Released 22 August 1980

Produced by Tim Friese-Greene

Seez 23 Graham Parker
»The Up Escalator«

Released 13 June1980

Produced by Jimmy Iovine

Seez 24 Plasmatics
»New Hope For The Wretched«

Released March 1980

Produced by Jimmy Miller

Seez 25 Any Trouble
»Where Are All The Nice Girls?«

Released 1980

Produced by John Wood

Seez 26 Desmond Dekker
»Black And Dekker«

Released 1980

Produced by Lol Gellor

Seez 27 The Rumour
»Purity Of Essence«

Released 29 August 1980

Produced by Alan Winstanley

Seez 28 Joe King Carrasco
»Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns«

Released 17 October 1980

Produced by Billy Altman

Seez 29 Madness

Released 26 September 1980

Produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley

Seez 30 Ian Dury & The Blockheads

Released 1980

Massproduced by chips off the old block

Seez 31 Tenpole Tudor
»Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary«

Released 17 April 1981

Produced by Bob Andrews, Alan Winstanley and Dick Crippen


Seez 32
Larry Wallis
»Leather Forever«


Seez 33
Various artists
»Son Of Stiff - Live«


Released as Son 1


Seez 34
Lene Lovich
Unknown title


Seez 35 The Equators

Released 1981

Produced by Bob Andrews

Seez 36 Desmond Dekker
»Compass Point«

Released 1981

Produced by Robert Palmer

Seez 37 Any Trouble
»Wheels In Motion«

Released 1981

Produced by Mike Howlett

Seez 38 Dirty Looks
»Turn It Up«

Released 1981

Produced by Nick Garvey

Seez 39 Madness

Released 2 October 1981

Produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley

Seez 40 Jona Lewie
»Heart Skips Beat«

Released 1981

Produced by Rupert Hine, Godley & Creme, Lewie & Andrews, Stephen Lipson and Robinson, Lewie & Ritchie.

Seez 41 Ian Dury
»Jukebox Dury«

Released 1982

A »Best Of« with several different producers.

Seez 42 Tenpole Tudor
»Let The Four Winds Blow«

Released 1981

Produced by Alan Winstanley

Seez 43


Seez 43 Alvin Stardust
»A Picture Of You«

Not released in UK.
See catalogue number »Alvin 1«

Seez 44 Lene Lovich
»No Man's Land«

Released 1982

Produced by Lene Lovich & Les Chappell

Seez 45 The Belle Stars
»The Belle Stars«

Released 1983

Produced Pete Collins for loose end productions/Brian Tench & Phil Harding/Pete Wingfield

Seez 46 Madness
»Presents The Rise And Fall«

Released 1982

A Clanger Winstanley Production

Seez 47



Seez 48 Yello
»You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess«

Released 1983

Produced by Yello and Ursli Weber

Seez 49



Seez 50


Seez 51 Tracey Ullman
»You Broke My Heart In 17 Places«

Released 1983

Produced by Peter Collins for Loose End Productions/Steve O'Donnell for Malpas Productions/K. MacColl/G. Povey

Seez 52 King Kurt
»Ooh Wallah Wallah«

Released 1983

Produced by Dave Edmunds

Seez 53 Madness
»Keep Moving«

Released 1984

Produced by Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley

Seez 54 Passion Puppets
»Beyond The Pale«

Released 1984

Produced by Pete Walsh/Roger Becherian

Seez 55 The Pogues
»Red Roses For Me«

Released 1984

Produced by Bob Andrews

Seez 56 Tracey Ullman
»You Caught Me Out«

Released 1984

Produced by Peter Collins/K. MacColl/G. Povey

Seez 57 The Untouchables
»Wild Child«

Released 1985

Produced by Stewart Levine/Jerry Dammers/Chris Silagyi and Pat Foley

Seez 58 The Pogues
»Rum, Sodomy And The Lash«

Released 1985

Produced by Elvis Costello


Seez 59 Tracey Ullman
»Tracey Ullman Forever. The Best Of.«

Released 1985

Produced by Peter Collins for Loose End Productions/Steve O'Donnell for Malpas Productions/K. MacColl/G. Povey

Seez 60 Phranc

Released 1985

Produced by Phranc/Ethan James and Craig Lee

Seez 61 The Roys
»Kicked Off The Train«

Released 1986

Produced by Jeffrey Wood

Seez 62 King Kurt
»Big Cock«

Released 1986

Produced by Pat Collier/David Batchelor/Mick Glossop/Dick Crippen

Seez 63



Seez 64 Furniture
»The Wrong People«

Released 1986

Produced by Mick Glossop

Seez 65 Dr Feelgood

Released 1986

Produced by Will Birch

Seez 66 Tommy Chase
»Groove Merchant«

Released 1986

Produced by Steve Lipson

Scan of the Swedish
issue will be posted.

Seez 67 Dr Feelgood

1987. Unreleased in the UK

Produced by Will Birch & Kevin Morris

SeezLCD 68 Tranzmitors

Released 27 August 2007

Produced by Tranzmitors & Jesse Gander

Artwork by Dale Davies.

SeezCD 69 Any Trouble
»Life In Reverse«

Released 10 September 2007.

Produced by John Wood

Artwork by Tobbe Stuhre.

SeezCD 70 The Producers

Still not released.

Seez 70

The Producers

DSeez 71 Chris Difford
»I Didn't Get Where I Am«

Digital download of Mr Difford's 2002 album.

Produced by Francis Dunnery

Original artwork by Stylorouge.

SeezCD 72 Chris Difford
»The Last Temptation Of Chris«

Released 7 April 2008

Produced by Boo Hewerdine & Chris Difford

Artwork by Stylorouge.

SeezCD 73 Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
»Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby«

Released 22 September 2008.

Produced by Wreckless Eric

Artwork by Karen Hibberd.

SeezCD 74 Henry Priestman
»The Chronicles Of Modern Life«

Released 29 September 2008

Produced by Henry Priestman

Artwork by Tobbe Stuhre.



And of course there is a bunch outside the Seez series...

And a couple of bootlegs, meant to look like Stiffs...